VORTEX CLASSES are held at a covered arena in Kent, Washington.
(See the Contact Vortex page for directions and a map.)

Classes are generally limited to six dog-handler pairs per class. The wide variety of classes cover all aspects of  training, from foundation (pedestal balance work, ladder-on-the-ground for back end awareness, equipment familiarization, solid contacts, weave pole introduction), to competition training, which includes course analysis, problem-solving, and finding methods that work best for individual teams. Sandra continues to learn herself, by interacting with her students, competing with her own dogs, and attending seminars taught by top-level competitors in the sport.

Vortex is well represented by its students at USDAA, NADAC, ASCA, AKC, CPE, TDAA, and UKI sanctioned agility trials. Specific classes are always tailored to fit the exact needs of the students.


The class structure varies depending on the level of class as well as the class size.

In foundation and beginning classes there may be "stations" set up for students to work their dogs on. Students will have an opportunity to work with their own dogs individually, observe others working their dogs, and also have sufficient one-on-one time with the instructor.

In later classes, sequences of varying difficulty (depending on the level of the class and the specific skills the students would like to work on) will be set up for each dog to run. During their time on course, students will receive feedback on their handling and have the opportunity to problem solve and work through sections of the sequence or equipment performances.


The Vortex training site is a large outdoor arena that is covered and lighted with open sides. The surface is wood shavings.  The equipment is competition-grade and the contacts are rubberized. The arena is used occasionally for both fun runs as well as sanctioned agility trials.


To be eligible for class the dog must be physically sound and not aggressive toward people or other dogs.


There are a number of behaviors that are helpful for a dog to have before beginning agility training.  If you are new to the sport, consider training these behaviors first:

  1. A solid recall (a "come" command)

  2. A reliable Stay or Wait (in either a sit, down, or stand)

  3. A "leave it" command, or otherwise good handler focus

  4. Food drive (interest in food)

  5. Toy drive (interest in play)

  6. Socialization with dogs and people


Six-week session (one hour classes): $102
Private lessons: $75 per hour or $40 per half-hour

Semi-private lessons are also available.

Please contact instructor Sandra Katzen directly for specific information regarding classes times and schedules to find one that will work for you and your dog!

Class Information