BELOW ARE SOME EXAMPLES of dog agility courses run by Sandra and her students. Click on an image to view the video. (Some of the videos will link to YouTube.)

They are here for three reasons:

  1. 1.To demonstrate a variety of the venues and events to be found in the sport;

  2. 2.To recognize some of the memorable runs that Vortex students have had;

  3. 3.To show that Sandra is a good handler as well as a good teacher.

Here is one example of the latter: Sandra’s border collie Trek winning the Steeplechase event at a trial put on by the Willamette Agility Group (WAG) in Corvallis, Oregon in the fall of 2008. (Steeplechase is a USDAA tournament event consisting of jumps, weave poles, and the A-frame. It is judged time-plus-faults, so speed is the name of the game.)